Domestic Money Transfer

Send money anytime, anywhere! 

Now, merchants can provide services of Direct Money Transfer to their customers across the country, even if they don’t have a bank account! 

Money transfer has become easier than before. Even if a customer does not have a bank account, the Bharat Money Store merchant can help the customer transfer money anywhere in the country at any time. 

Merchant benefits: 

1.Provide accessible banking services and attract more customers 

2.Earn commissions on every money transfer made by the customer 

3.Offer other value-added services and engage more with customers 

Customer benefits: 

1.No more standing in long bank ques or filling forms 

2.Send money anywhere domestically even without having a bank account 

3.Require beneficiary account number only and OTP generated on the mobile phone number 

4.Secure and hassle-free service

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