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Now customers can avail the facility of availing loans at the Bharat Money Store. Merchant can provide this facility to members as well as non-members with the help of Biometric authentication

This means customer can avail loans with ease and less documentation to plan future, to buy appliances etc. and pay back in installments. Even merchants can also get loans for working capital requirement to fuel their business growth.

Merchant Benefits:

1.Earn incentives on every loan disbursed and maintenance

2.Avail loan for working capital requirement

3.Provide loans for buying consumer durables and RD based loans

4.Offer other value-added services and engage more with customers

Customer Benefits:

1.Avail loans with less documentation and biometric authentication

2.Timely and cost effective, minimum processing fee

3.Avail loans without even going to the bank

4.Get loan disbursements directly to your IndusInd Savings account or get it directly paid to the aggregator for any Consumer Durable purchase

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