Success Stories

Bharat Money Store has not only revolutionized the way people transact in rural areas but also it has provided a steady income source to the merchants. They have seen growth in their business and are continuously working upwards to improve the life of themselves and everyone in the community. 

Find out how merchants in rural areas have improved their life and everyone in the community with Bharat Money Store.

Success Story of – Daulthabi

Daulthabi is a housewife with 3 kids and husband and stays in Gulbarga. She started her Kirana Store 5 years back to help her husband who is a bus driver to generate additional income for the family. 2 Years back she became an RDSP merchant and now earning more than before. Watch this video to know more about her journey.

Success Story of – Kalavathi

Kalavathi has been working as an RDSP merchant for 2 years and does monthly transactions worth 10 – 12L. She struggled financially before due to the heavy medical expenses of her child. Watch this video to know how Bharat Money Store has helped her in gaining financial stability.

Success Story of -Madhuri

With the joint family of 13 members, Madhuri is successfully running an RDSP. She does transactions worth more than 12 L every month and helps people with their need for convenient banking and financial services. Watch this video to know more about her success story.

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